In a fully realized working environment, 

until the day you become an expert translator.

People who love cultural content, and people who seek a change in the translation market have come together to provide the best workspace that will produce more than just translation.


We began in 2018 as a platform by a cultural content translation company 

Voithru, Inc. for sourcing translators.

What started as a dream that the diverse cultural content of Korea could be consumed all over the world, connected us to each and every one of the two thousand global translators we are working with today.

We know that to accurately convey the humor and emotion in content such as movies, dramas and webtoons, it takes countless hours of thought and care. 

That is why the totus team are always doing their best to provide an environment where translators can focus solely on translating.

We listen to our translators and think ways to provide them with the best possible workspace. We are developing technologies to systematically improve the work process, and to increase the convenience and efficiency of our editor platform.

Brand Story

A Latin word meaning "full, very important", tōtus symbolizes our goal to provide translators and workers with a perfectly equipped workspace.

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Our  ultimate goal is LISTENING every little comment by our translators and workers, 

CREATING a fun working environment,  and PROVIDING the technological infrastructure necessary for them to focus solely on translation.


311,  Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 

Republic of Korea